Wednesday, October 03, 2007

N.B.Bhandari : Supporters Of Opposition Panchayat Candidates Face Harassment, Abuse

Gangtok, October3: The four opposition parties leaders led by SPCC president NarBahadur Bhandari informed that opposition candidates say they have been routinely stopped and harassed by the authorities, and have sometimes threatened by members of Sikkim Democratic Front for participating in the grass root elections in state scheduled to be held on October26. We will use the elections -- which are our constitutional right -- to conduct a broad political campaign. We hope to win this campaign."

The answer, he believes, is to take the message direct to the people -- by knocking on their doors.

But opposition activists find themselves harassed by the ruling party members told Tara Shrestha of SHRP as SDF wants opposition to withdraw their candidates from panchayat elections.

A delegation led by NarBahadur Bhandari and other senior opposition leaders has met Sikkim Election Commissioner as well as top brass of Sikkim police alleging obstruction and also to record their protests against unfair methods of SDF party.