Monday, October 15, 2007

Nathula-Memmencho-Kuppu tourist circuit in Sikkim gets Rs.4.54 crore

The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) gives special importance to improve the quality of tourism infrastructure all over the country. The Ministry has sanctioned several projects allover the country. These projects propose to create high class tourism infrastructure and facilities which will provide an opportunity for unique experience to the visitors. The Ministry of Tourism extends Central Financial Assistance to the State Governments/UTs for Product/Infrastructure Development of Destinations and Circuits. During the XIth Five Year Plan period a double-pronged strategy of upgrading the tourism infrastructure and vigorous marketing under the banner of ‘Incredible India Campaign’ was followed to position India as a global brand.
During 11th Five Year Plan (2007-2012) Ministry of Tourism propose to continue supporting creation of world class infrastructure in the country so that existing tourism products can be further improved and expanded to meet new market requirements and enhance the competitiveness of India as a tourist destination. In consultation with the State Governments and UTs the Ministry of Tourism have identified several tourist circuits and destinations for integrated development. During the current financial year the Ministry has sanctioned so far Rs.323.00 crore for various projects throughout the country. This is an all time record and will facilitate timely execution of projects during the working season.

The project sanction includes Tourist infrastructure is being developed in "Nathula-Memmencho-Kuppu tourist circuit in Sikkim (Rs.4.54 crore)".