Monday, October 01, 2007


GANGTOK, September 29: Nominations for the forthcoming Panchayat polls have revealed more Independent candidates contesting than the oppositions against the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front.
For a total of 27 Zilla Panchayat seats, 47 candidates from the SDF have already filed their nominations while the Congress has only three contestants so far. There are 16 Independent candidates who have filed their nomination papers totaling the number to 66.
This was informed by Vishal Chauhan, District Collector, East during a press conference held today evening.
The filling of the nomination papers for both the Panchayat and Zilla Panchayat polls began on September 24 and will continue till October 1 as per the direction from the State Election Commission. The elections will take place on October 26.
In East district along with the 27 seats for District Panchayat, the election for the 243 seats for Gram Panchayat will be held on the same date.
In regard to this, 57 nominations till the time of filing this report have been filed at the District Administrative Centre, Gangtok from six GPUs including Pacheykhani, Taja, Rhenock Tarpin, Sudunglakha, Linkey, Tareythang and Amba where in 45 candidates are from SDF, one from Congress and 11 Independent candidates.
Similarly, the GPUs of Samlick, Marchak, Namli, Martam Nazitam, Beyong, Phegyong, Khamdong, Singbel, Simik Lingzey saw a total of 77 nominations proposed, out of which 52 are from SDF, 1 from SGPP and 24 from Congress .
From places including Tumin, Samdur Kambal, Rakdong-Tintik, Lingdok, Namphong and Navey Shotak had a total of 52 nominations where 36 of them belonged to SDF, 16 are independent candidates. About 52 candidates from the above five GPUs have still not filed the nominations.
In GPUs like Thekabong, Parakha, Reva, Machong, Changay Senti, Kartok, Namcheybong and Aho, SDF has nominations of 45 against five candidates from the Congress.
Similarly, SDF has made 43 nominations out of the 50 in Regu, Pemalakha, Subaney Dara, Lingtam Padamchen, Rolep Lamaten, Chuzachen, Aritar and Dalapchand GPUs. Only one Congress candidate and six Independent candidates have filed in the above GPUs.
Candidates can withdraw there nominations on October 5.
It has also been reported that the election process is being carried out smoothly and peacefully all over the state.
According to the DC, the Excise department has made mandayory to close all the liquor shops from October 24 to 26 this year in order to maintain peace and order during the elections.