Tuesday, October 09, 2007


RANGPO, October 07: In a major crackdown on the menace of substance abuse that is continuingly plaguing the society, the Rangpo Police, on Saturday, seized a huge quantity of drugs.
According to the Police, Raju Silal, a resident of 6th Mile, Tadong and Bikram Chettri of Melli, Sikkim who were traveling in a Maruti Alto SK-04/5133 were apprehended by the Rangpo Police here. Acting on suspicion, when the Police checked the vehicle, they uncovered a booty of 3624 capsules of Spasmo-Proxivoron and 154 tablets of N-10. The duo were on their way from Melli to Singtam.
The market value of seized products is more then Rs 20,000, Police say.
Spasmo-proxivoron, which was purchased at about Rs 1 per capsule are sold at Rs 5 by the peddlers while N-10 tablets purchased at Rs. 2 and 20 paise per tablet are sold at Rs 10, Police say.
Although the State administration, specially the Sikkim Police, has been very persistent in its efforts to curb this menace, the supply of drugs, especially medical drugs like Spasmo-Proxivoron and N-10, which are widely used by addicts, continues.
The case has been registered against the two under section 22/27 of NDPS, 1985