Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dr. Pawan Chamling to inaugurate 'Namchi Mahotsav' tomorrow.

Namchi,October31: The chief minister of Sikkim, Dr.Pawan Chamling is on visit to Namchi for the inauguration of the 4th Namchi Mahotsav being held at Bhaichung Stadium,Namchi . The annual tourist festival of South Sikkim will be held at Namchi and Kazitar for three days beginning tomorrow on Nov1,2007.

The festival is part of an endeavor by the government to showcase the cultures and traditions of the ethnic communities in Sikkim. It is believed that these sorts of festivals will help in attracting more tourists. The Namchi Mahotsav is organised by the state tourism and the district administration.
Namchi is decorated with flowers for the three day festival with flowers like chrysanthemums, dendrobiums and more than 15 other categories. A contest is also being held to award the best bloom in the festival.

There are a number of stalls representing the tradition, culture, dress, food and lifestyles of the various communities – and traditional houses of the Nepalis, Bhutias and the Lepchas has also been erected in the festival area.