Sunday, October 07, 2007

2 Senior Congress Members Joins Sikkim Democratic Front

Geyzing,October7: The Sikkim Democratic Front party received a shot in the arm with 2 senior congressmen, who broke ranks with the SPCC yesterday, joining the party.Their joining was announced by the youth leader of the West Sikkim SDF party, Mr B.B.Rai, amid allegations made by the SPCC that the two congressmen had been lured away by the SDF party.

The senior Congress members from namely Shri Dinesh Khaling and Ganga Prasad Dhalla in the presence of Geyzing MLA & SDF Minister Sher Bahadur Subedi in Ward 3 informed today to journalists that they have decided to leave Sikkim Pradesh Congress party headed by Shri NarBahadur Bhandari as it has no people programmes and policies with political ethics to bring any benefits to Sikkimese people and therefore have decided to join Sikkim Democratic Front party under leader Dr.Pawan Chamling who has played a visionary role in bringing development and people centric policies and programmes to bring a change at grass root level itself.

we both have decided to join the SDF party and They said, "they were waiting for an opportune moment to quit Sikkim Congress and in view of ensuing Panchayat elections decided to do so."