Thursday, August 30, 2007

Woman attacks her husband and mother-in-law

Gangtok, August 30:While most of the news in the plain area are found about woman exploitation, killing by spattering keroscene and putting on fire to the bride by her in laws, the reality in hill area seems different by contrast. Whether it is over empowerment of woman or the fearlessness of women one may call in Sikkim, a 33 year old woman attacked his husband with deadly weapon, Khukuri .The incident took place at Namcheybung bustee under Pakyong police State in East Sikkim when the couple had heated discussion and altercation over family matter. The woman took the weapon and attacked her husband at ear, hands and shoulder. While trying to intervene, it is learn that her mother in law was also injured. The two injured persons were hospitalized at STNM hospital while the woman was arrested by the police and the case is under investigation