Friday, August 31, 2007

Solve The Mystery Of Red Flowers

1. Can you guess the name of this red flower? It has a long name of ten letters!

2. Some kinds of this flower are grown for their ornamental bark and leaves and there are over a 1000 species, and most of them have showy flower displays!

3. It includes the plants known to gardeners as azaleas.

4. Some kinds of this plant also grow very tall, ten to 15 cms and make gorgeous trees like the one in the picture.

5 This plant is extremely toxic to horses, with some animals dying within a few hours of ingesting the plant, although most horses tend to avoid it if they have access to good forage.

6. Some more varieties are also poisonous to grazing animals. People too have become ill from eating honey made by bees feeding on these flowers.

7.Greek soldiers consumed honey in a village surrounded by these flowers. They started to behave very oddly! It was discovered that these flowers have a laxative and a hallucinogenic effect!

8. One of this species is named after President Roosevelt!

9.These flowers have not been found in South America or Africa.

10. The highest species diversity is found in the Sino-Himalayan mountains from central Nepal and Sikkim east to Yunnan and Sichuan, with other significant areas of diversity in the mountains of Indo-China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. In addition, there are a significant number of tropical species from southeast Asia to northern Australia, with 55 known species in Borneo and 164 in New Guinea.

11. The rose and the tree figure in its name. In India it grows only in cold places and hill stations etc.

12. Can you guess the name of this gorgeous red flower?