Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sikkim Member of Parliament O.T.Lepcha Questions

"U.C." essential for continuity of central fund

Gangtok:A central assistance of Rs. 600 lakh has been released till date for Samlick Marchak Growth Centre in Sikkim. The project was sanctioned in the year November 2003 with an estimated cost of Rs. 3175.88 lakhs of which the central government share will be Rs. 1500 lakhs.This information was given by Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Mr. Ashwani Kumar in answer to a question in the House by Mr O. T. Lepcha, Rajya Sabha MP from Sikkim, on Ausgust 22. Mr Lepcha’s question was pertaining to pending subsidy and fund for growth centres in Sikkim.The Minister further informed that due to non-submission of utilization certificates in respect of funds earlier released, the remaining assistance could not be released. On a question related to transport and capital investment subsidy, Mr. Kumar said that Rs. 311 lakhs and Rs. 126 lakhs respectively have been released in the tenth five year plan. To another question in Rajya Sabha by Sikkim MP, Minister for Rural Development Dr. Raghuvansh Prasad Singh informed that a sum of Rs.212.6 lakhs has been released to Sikkim under Pradhan Mantri Grameen Sadak Yozna to provide connectivity to all unconnected habitations in rural areas with a population of 500 persons. Funds for upgradation of 137.80 kilometre roads and 108.04 kilometres new connecting roads under Bharat Nirman Yozna have been released