Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sikkim cricket association seek full affiliation

Mumbai, Aug. 21 (PTI): The Sikkim and Manipur cricket association representatives were here to meet the Cricket Board officials and present their cases for full affiliation to the BCCI.
"We have been associate members of BCCI for the last 16 years and have been taking part in junior cricket. We want to play at the Ranji Trophy level," said Sikkim association's secretary Tikka Subba.
Manipur's case is a little different. They want to play junior cricket, after having been associate members of the BCCI for nine years, but have still not been permitted to do so.
"We want to take part in the BCCI's junior cricket tournaments first," informed the representative of the Manipur association.
Both the associations' members said the willow game has gained enormous popularity in the two northeastern states which are better known to produce footballers and boxers.