Monday, August 27, 2007


Nature's Fury Unleashed On North Sikkim

Gangtok , Aug27 :A press release from SIBLAC warns of dangers God's fury in context of recent flash flood in Lachen Chu just on the occasion of Pang Lhabsol as just another sign of nature's anger to kind of activities pursued by state government in North Sikkim with hydel project policy as the religious and sentiments on environment has been totally side tracked in the name of development.
It is also believed that the flash floods could have been caused due to the burst of Zemu glacier, which is an important glacier of Sikkim. The water level in Teesta river was risen to 40 feet's after floods on Saturday and now it has gone down by 30 feet's .There has been loss of lives as per animals is concerned but no loss of human lives is reported after the incidence.
Locals believe that the entire security of North Sikkim is being damaged by the up coming power projects. Meanwhile, the entire North Sikkim highway has been paralyzed and the road between Lachen and Guru Dongmar, Thangu area has been blocked. It has also disrupted communication between the Army and the civilians who live in the border areas.
This,a SIBLAC press release issued by its convenor Tseten Tashi Bhutia contends,' is apparently the symbol that indicates the wrath of the guardian deities subsequent upon to a different pollutant activities taking place across Sikkim and especially different power projects in Dzongu.

Environment abuse risks nature's revenge and the Dzongu flash floods incident following by LachenChu event should be seen also in light of religious sentiments and importance attached by local communities especially lepchas of Dzongu to Teesta river.

Press release informs that Government should take these strange incidence as warning of future perils that might be caused due to abuse of nature and not respecting historical religious significance therefore it request state government to come forward to on going hunger strike by ACT as it significantly relates to these very issues .
Meanwhile, in another separate communique,ACT echoed similar views and thoughts.