Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Security Force For Hydel Projects in Sikkim

Sikkim Power Rangers To provide securities to Hydro Power Project Units

Gangtok: The State Government will soon be forming a security force for hydel projects in the State and will be a separate police force trained and deployed to the different hydel electric projects in State .At present, Home-Guards are posted at various hydel projects for their securities.
The need for such a force is required primarily for the safeguard of dams, power-houses, and colonies which would come up with implementation of various power projects in Sikkim. The explosive materials housed by such power developers are also vulnerable to the theft and needs professional guards.The State Security force will be trained by the police .
The Power developers have been asked to forward their requirements ,after which the total strength of the force will be decided by the government .Only locals will be recruited in the Force.Their salaries will be provided by the power developers.Also connected with electricity ,the State Government has decided that all micro hydel projects shall henceforth be taken up by the Energy and Power department .This is a revision of a decision taken earlier by the State government by which it had directed that all such projects up to 500 KW capacity be taken up by the Sikkim Renewable Energy Development Agency(SREDA).
Such Mini hydel projects are chiefly aimed for the benefits of small communities; the main reason for this reversal of decision is high cost of small HEPs. HEPs have faced financial problems as regards to Investments due to its high costs therefore government has now decided that Power &Energy department itself would provide funds for undertaking these projects and also have option to lay down transmission lines connecting such small projects to the main grind transmitting the power supplies to all over state for better management of peak hour supplies .