Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Industrial Training Institutes in Sikkim

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs today gave its approval for the following:

(a) Continuation of the Centrally Sponsored Scheme relating to ‘Establishment of new Industrial Training Institutes (I.T.I.s) in North Eastern States and Sikkim [outlay Rs.100 crore] and incur expenditure of Rs.18.31 crore under various components, till 31.3.2008, after which the State Governments will bear the recurring expenditure.

(b) To incur expenditure of Rs.13.70 crore for setting up of three new I.T.I.s – two in Sikkim and one in the State of Assam. As additional allocation, within the existing North East scheme, for next two years during the XI Plan from 1.4.2007 till 31.03.2009.

Building in flexibilities for change of trades in the identified I.T.I.s within the State and for allocation of funds from one scheme of the project to another and from one component of the scheme to another and between the major components, within a upper limit of 10%. Secretary, M/o Labour and Employment will have the power for approving such changes within the original project cost of Rs.100 crore for North Eastern states.

The project aims at creating and developing infrastructure for training of youth in the identified skill areas as per the demand pattern of Sikkim, North Eastern States