Thursday, August 30, 2007

Interview with Bhaichung Bhutia

We won the Cup as a team: Bhutia

After India lifted the Nehru Cup for the first time defeating Syria 1-0, the CNN-IBN's Sanjeeb Mukherjea spoke to the Indian captain Baichung Bhutia.
Sanjeeb Mukherjea: We have finally done it. what is your first feeling?
Baichung Bhutia: It is a great feeling. It's a team work and not only the players but also the management and everyone else has worked hard. It has been a month and a half long training. We had really worked hard and we had a good Portugal trip - pre-season training in Portugal which really helped. But on the whole, it is really the team effort that has really given this tournament for us.
Sanjeeb Mukherjea: What do you think did the trick for India today?
Baichung Bhutia: I think it is the team spirit. We have been playing as a team. If you look at the entire tournament, every single match is not been won individually or by a goalkeeper or a striker or by mid-field. But we won as a team. And that is what we did in the final as well today.
Sanjeeb Mukherjea: In cricket, we have seen Sourav Ganguly, Sreesanth showing their aggressive brand of cricket. Was today the aggressive face of Bhutia that we saw on a number of times today?
Baichung Bhutia: No, my game in general is quite aggressive in the field and that is what I have been doing and would be doing in the rest of my footballing career.