Thursday, August 23, 2007

Indian Idol adds Music to Delhi's ears

Contestants from Indian Idol performed recently at an amusement park in the capital, and needless to say, got a great response.

Crowd puller: It isn't just film stars who draw huge crowds when they visit Delhi or perform here. Recently, contestants from the show Indian Idol also came to perform, and the turnout both upped their morale and made them a little nervous! The children in the crowd, especially, loved their performance.

Fun ‘n’ frolic: The venue for the event was an amusement park, and the contestants first enjoyed the rides. After having their share of fun and mast i, they got ready for the stage. With their energy and zing, the show was a sellout and the crowd cheered after each song.

Judge Malek: No, the judiciary did not make its presence felt. Instead, it was Anu Malek, one of the judges on the show, who was naturally all praise for the performers. "These young singers are raw talent, with no prior training, and they have sung their hearts out. It is commendable," he said.

Host aur dost: Hussain Kuwajerwala and Mini Mathur were also there , and they glammed up the event. Mini looked great in a green top and a golden belt,and Hussain was his usual charming self.

No TV? The contestants told us they would not get to watch TV till the show ended. They took it well, though, as one of them said, "Watching television is not allowed for our benefit. We should not get distracted from our goal ." They were all excited to be in Delhi and said that it was "wonderful to be here." Well, it was obvious Delhi loved them too!

Ladykiller: Hussain looked smart in a white jacket, and there were quite a few female fans trying to catch his eye. The gentlemanly anchor was quite polite to them, and didn't blush even once at all the attention. Ladykiller, huh?