Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finance Company Cheats Sikkim depositors


RABONG, August 22: The people of Namchi, Rabong and Jorethang have once again expressed their resentments over the failure of Tina Finlese Private Ltd of Namchi to provide the maturity amount of their deposits in time.
It has been over six months that the people have been duped by the company.
Relating to the issue, a meeting of depositors and agents of the company was held on August 20 where in the meeting decided to constitute a committee to solve the problem.
According to the committee members, about one crore and thirty thousand rupees deposited within the company has not been recovered. However, with the aim to revive the cash lost, the committee had taken over a hotel established by BISCO Company. The valuation of the 5 storied hotel building was done by the committee members.
“As per the various schemes shown by the company we have deposited an amount of Rs 12 lakhs, for which our maturity date has completed six months and still the company has failed to refund,” said Dawa Bhutia of Rabong.
Despite several attempts, the Managing Director could not be contacted as his mobile was not reachable. He could not be contacted in the office too.
Earlier, while talking to journalists, the MD said, “BISCO Company has made huge investments with the money from Tina Finlese. But we were not able to pay the maturities in time to our customers as the outcome of the company was less then the output of the company.” He also assured that the maturities would be paid in phase wise manner, till August 20, earlier this year.”
With still no signs of getting their money back, depositors are demanding for the intervention of the state government.