Friday, August 24, 2007


GANGTOK, August 23: Thukchuk Lachungpa, President, Citizen Forum has expressed his displeasure towards the decision of the Affected Citizen of Teesta (ACT) to withdraw the indefinite hunger strike without discussing the matter with the Citizen Forum.
He said this in a meeting today held at BL House. The meeting was attended by the members of ACT, Citizen Forum, Concerned Lepchas of Sikkim, Sangha of Dzongu and a huge number of people from Rey Mendu and Rumtek constituencies.
While addressing the gathering, Mr. Lachungpa resented against ACT for not consulting him in the decision of withdrawing the hunger strike.
“I don’t have any objection against ACT’s decision but should have at least consulted the Citizen Forum as well,” Mr. Lachungpa said, who has chipped in help towards the cause of ACT since its inception.
Meanwhile, the people of Rey Mendu also expressed their solidarity and offered khadas to all the members of ACT including Dawa and Tenzing for their effort towards protection of the environment.
Athup Lepcha, President, ACT in his part accepted the solidarity extended by the people of Ray Mendu. “It has boosted up our morale and has given us more confidence to pursue our cause,” Lepcha added.
Gyatso Lepcha, President CLOS also addressed the gathering and maintained that their purpose is to save Mother Nature from being hampered by the hydel projects in the name of development.