Tuesday, July 03, 2007


RONGLI: The Sikkim Pradesh Congress Committee today organised a public contact meeting at Rongli Bazaar under Regu constituency, chaired by the party President, Nar Bahadur Bhandari, attended by the Congress Legislative party leader, Acharya Tshering Lama, members of PCC, DCC, Frontal Organisations, active members and supporters of state Congress reportedly counting more than a thousand.
On his arrival at Rongli, Nar Bahadur Bhandari was accorded rousing reception by the Congressmen and the party supporters. The day’s proceeding commenced with inauguration of the constituency level Congress office in the building of HR Gurung, PCC from Regu constituency.
Addressing the gathering, Bhandari deliberated on the misdeeds of SDF government and Chief Minister Pawan Kumar Chamling. He spelt out there is no accounts for the huge Plan Fund earmarked for Sikkim as no development commensurate to thus earmarked Plan fund is visible.
Poor in Sikkim is getting poorer day by day and the fruits of development is reaped only by a handful few, who are close relatives and blue eyed boys of Mr Chamling, Bhandari said emphasising that Congress party needs to contest the forecoming Panchayat elections and the Urban Local Body elections at all levels if, in a bid to restore he democratic rights and privileges of people.
Bhandari criticised the SDF government’s anti-people policies of imposition of unwanted taxes and lamented the selfish oriented design of the state government to mortgage all our rivers and lands to the power developer’s companies in the name of revenue generations through implementation of numerous mega hydro electric power projects.
The SPCC President also appealed all to render support sincere to the people of Dzongu, who have launched indefinite Satyagraha and hunger strike against arbitrary decision of Dzongu, who have launched indefinite Satyagraha and hunger strike against the arbitrary decision of the SDF government to implement mega hydro electric power project in total disregard ecological, environmental balance and also the biosphere reserves of the area. Such decision would certainly have adverse affect on the age-old culture and tradition of Lepchas of Dzongu.
Bhandari today attacked the SDF party’s goons and administrative machineries at certain level for intimidating the poor people and threatening them that they would be deprived of all the development facilities if they attended the Congress party meetings.
He also expressed shock on the SDF government’s undemocratic action of cancelling licenses of the Taxi vehicles that ferried Congressmen during the party’s meeting all over the state in tune with the Fundamental Right of such taxi owners or drivers to earn livelihood.