Sunday, July 01, 2007

Indian Idol hamro Prashant nai huncha


The competition is cutthroat now. Tension was in the air. Faces were reflecting fear and anticipation. Will they make it? Or not? The ‘Indian Idol’ gala round began with some flawless performances. But strangely some of the best singers couldn’t deliver their best. The judges were nearly at war. Their opinions differed. Their words clashed. While Javed kept on backing Anu Maliik, Alisha was left all alone to fight for herself. Udit was the smartest of the lot. He simply refused to open his mouth.
Richa's performance could not satisfy the judges as usual except Alisha who thinks she is a rocking singer. All the judges realised her voice is still not matured for a playback singer. Bhartiya Janta also agreed with the judges and they voted her out
Richa Aneja, the baby girl of Indian Idol, has been voted out from the contest by the public. Praised and criticised with equal ardour, she nevertheless won our hearts. Although the judges, especially Javed and Anu were critical of her childish voice, they looked upset when they heard that she had been voted out. The other contestants bid a teary farewell to Richa.
And night before Last but not the least was Prashant, who looked quite smart in a suit and a pink tie today. He sang the touching number, ‘Yeh hausla’ from his heart and touched others. Despite being from a non-Hindi speaking background his pronunciation was impeccable and the judges praised him too.And He was among few who was decalared "SAFE".