Friday, June 15, 2007



Animal Husbandry identify disease as Khoret

PAKYONG: The unnatural death of two cows has caused panic amongst the people of Dughalakha, a tiny hamlet situated nearly 5 km from here.
Reports of two cows died here under mysterious circumstances this morning and reports of several other cows being stricken by some unknown illness has come in, which has caused wide-spread panic and concern amongst the local populace here, basically depended on agriculture and livestock for their livelihood.
According to the locals, the mysterious disease afflicting the cows starting showing symptoms about 20 days ago.
A Jersey cow belonging DB Kharka died this morning. The animal’s belly had swollen up considerably. KM Nepal’s cow also showed the same symptoms and also died. David Lepcha, local Compounder who attended on the dead cow this morning acclaimed that the main reason behind the cow’s death could be due to grass poison. “The cow might have eaten some poisonous insects along with the grass,” he said .However, the symptoms shown by the cows are very close to the Foot and Mouth Disease afflicting farm animals, especially cattle. “It has been more than two weeks that our cows were found with the symptoms of swollen feet and sores in the mouth, but no official from the Veterinary Department apart from the Compounder has turned up to check on the disease,” Mr. Kharka said. As per the information received, about seven cows in the areas have been infected with this chronic and communicable viral disease.
On other hand, condemning the allegations made by the villagers, the Veterinary Officer, Pakyong, said that the possible secondary treatment are being provided with utmost care to the infected cattle. Identifying the viral disease as Khoret, (local term) he said the main symptoms of the disease are the swelling of the feet and sores on the tongue along with the fever. Antibiotics are administrated to the affected cattle to treat this disease. The dry climatic condition of the area is mainly responsible for the spread of this disease, he said.
RK Tamang, Joint Director, Animal Husbandry Department, said that since this is a rapid viral communicable disease, a special team has been deputed to control Khoret and the same team will take charge of Dugaalakha as well.