Friday, June 29, 2007

Bhanu Puraskar to Bhim Dahal

Gangtok: Sikkim Nepali Parishad has been felicitating the Sikkimese for their contribution towards Nepali literature by “Bhanu Puraskar” since 1985. So far, “Bhanu Puraskar” has been given to 21 literary personalities of Sikkim. Mr. Bhim Dahal, writer, poet from, Timburbung, West Sikkim, has been selected for “Bhanu Puraskar” for the year 2007 by Sikkim Nepali Parishad. “Bhanu Puraskar” is consisted of cash Rs 21,001, citation and shawl, which will be handed over to Mr. Bhim Dahal on 13 July, the occasion of Bhanu Jayanti.