Wednesday, June 27, 2007


GANGTOK: A Nepali film from Sikkim has won top honours at the Nepal Film Technicians Association’s Film Awards ceremony held in Kathmandu, Nepal on June 20.
“Aama Ko Kaakh,” a full length Nepali film Directed by Bijay Kerung and produced by Gayatri Bhutia and partners of Sikkim was nominated in six categories, imcluding Best Story, Best Screen Play, Best Choreography. Best Villain, Best Supporting Actress and Critic’s Award.
Tripti Natkar, of ‘Lahuray’ and ‘Saino’, fame won the Best Supporting Actress for the film and also the Critic’s Award. A certificate of appreciation was awarded to Gayatri Bhutia on behalf of the whole team involved in the making of the film.
This is for the first time that a film produced by Sikkimese has been nominated for top awards in the Nepali film industry and has won any awards. “Aama Ko Kaakh” has been extensively shot in Sikkim and the Darjeeling Hills and was released earlier this year.
Another Sikkimese, Ranju Lamichaney bagged the ‘Best Debutant Actress’ for her role in the film ‘Basain’, directed by Subash Gajural, which was Nepal’s official entry at the Oscars this year.
Acclaimed cinematographer Chandra Prakash Ghimeray, also from Sikkim was awarded with the ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ for his contributions to the Nepali Film Industry.